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Pan-Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)
The EMEA territory is now arguably the number one growth market for North American companies looking to expand internationally. Traditionally lucrative countries within Western Europe coupled with the rapidly growing economies of Eastern Europe and Middle East make this a compelling region for sales growth.

Key to any regional growth plan is the need to rapidly establish 'in region' customer reference sites. During the initial phase of new market penetration the most expeditious way to achieve early wins maybe to adopt a vertical sales approach, targeting 'soft' prospects located across the region.

This initial vertical strategy maybe followed by a more horizontal, territory based sales campaign. A staged approach is clearly essential. It is important to understand from the outset which regions and countries within those regions present the most viable initial targets for your solutions.

In this scenario we see typical initial country targets as being:-

First tier
• UK & Eire
• Germanic territories (Germany, Switzerland & Austria)
• Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway & Denmark)
• Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg)
• Finland (depending on product)
Second tier
• France *
• Italy
• Spain/Portugal
• Middle Eastern countries
  (specifically the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Oman) **
• Ex. Eastern Bloc countries **
• Russia **
• South Africa
• Greece, Turkey, Egypt & North African countries

* France is a uniquely difficult market that will often require a local French partner/channel approach to be successful.

** Russia, Ex. Eastern Bloc and Middle East countries have rapidly growing economies but are often overlooked in the first phase of international expansion. For certain products and solutions, we may recommend that these territories are addressed in the initial phase of a horizontal sales campaign.

Depending on your technology and key vertical markets, these suggested priorities may change. We would look to discuss this aspect in detail so that both parties are clear as to expectations and associated realistic time scales.
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