Additional Services

Corporate marketing will always remain the responsibility of the client. However, it may be advantageous for GlobalXtend personnel to instigate and manage local marketing initiatives for direct campaigns. Equally, to achieve product focus, it may be desirable to drive co-marketing activities with strategic in-direct channel partners.

If required, GlobalXtend can provide assistance with document or product localisation including language translation. Our network also includes a number of pro-active regional PR agencies and local legal representatives that we can engage if required.

Strategic Regional Planning
Over recent years, GlobalXtend personnel have initiated, established and managed a sustainable market presence for a wide range of companies operating in a variety of technology sectors. Our experience has given us a clear understanding as to the pitfalls to be aware of and the optimum market strategies to adopt.

Our extensive network allows us to rapidly locate and deploy individuals with the specific sales knowledge and skills required for your technology and market sectors. Combining these specialist skills with our extensive market entry experience enable us to jointly devise a credible, cost effective go-to-market strategy that is both realistic and sustainable.

Exit Strategy and Permanent Recruitment
At the end of any successful assignment we are happy to assist your organisation in establishing a permanent local presence in the region.

During the term of the assignment the contracted GlobalXtend field personnel will have clearly demonstrated their character, expertise and ability to deliver results. With the recruitment risks eliminated, these personnel can be seamlessly transited to your payroll, maintaining the momentum achieved during the GlobalXtend contract phase.

If required, GlobalXtend can also assist in the logistical process associated with establishing a permanent presence in the region. This could include advice on company formation, finding offices, accountancy services, remuneration packages, payroll, insurances, legal etc. Please let us know if you would like to discuss these aspects in more detail.
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