GlobalXtend's Value Proposition

The missing ingredient, unique sales outsourcing, sales acceleration europe Why use GlobalXtend?
In simple terms we are different, with a unique 'hybrid' approach that works. Our methodology incorporates the best elements of traditional direct hires, interim management and pure managed sales outsourcing combined as one service deliverable.

The approach is predicated on the assumption that sustainable market penetration can only be achieved with optimum skill set personnel deployed on the ground 'in territory', motivated to succeed. We achieve this with a rapid time-to-market solution, utilising full-time 'exact skills fit'  personnel pre-agreed by you. At the same time we virtually eliminate the high up-front costs, operational risks and excessive management overheads typically associated with this challenge.

Operational benefits include:

Zero up-front expenditure
eliminating up-front recruitment fees, employee benefit package and payroll costs plus all traditional infrastructure set-up commitments.
Substantially reduced up-front risk
through zero up-front fiscal commitment resulting in minimal cost exposure plus contracted 'non-employee status' personnel eliminating high extraction costs in the event of a bad hire.
Significantly reduced operational cost
and improved early ROI when compared with your own regional direct hires.
Zero 'down-stream' hiring risk
as the sales personnel will be field proven before any hiring decisions are made.
Optimum time-to-market performance
is achieved through our ability to rapidly locate, contract, deploy and field manage high calibre 'ideal skills fit' personnel.
Reduced management time/cost overhead
by off-setting much of the initial personnel vetting, set-up hassle and day-to-day local management tasks.
Prestigious virtual client office
through a credible service organisation based in central London.
Strong customer reference list
providing clear and proven evidence that our methodology works.

Skills Match
Numerous industry contacts, affiliations and relationships built over many years allow GlobalXtend to offer a unique service. For your specific assignment we guarantee to contract, deploy and manage demonstrably successful sales personnel with strong knowledge and contacts that clearly match your specific domain, geographic and vertical market requirements. Supported by a strong in-house Sales Management team, this approach allows us to 'hit the ground running' i.e. be effective from day one. It's simple, If you're not happy with our management and the personnel we choose, there is no cost to you and we don't do business.

Unique Exit Option
With our unique 'contract to permanent' exit option, we understand and expect that the contracted field personnel we jointly choose for your organisation will migrate to your payroll at the end of our assignment.

Working with your management team we ensure that these individuals clearly demonstrate the requisite sales skills, commercial knowledge and seasoned maturity to lead your regional sales effort going forward.

GlobalXtend is a sharp, focused organisation with an innovative methodology; geared to deliver rapid and sustainable results. Although it sounds like a cliché, your success is genuinely our success. If you don't succeed, we all lose. We need you to be successful as we recognise that this is absolutely key for our continued growth and success.
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